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Brickhouse is a strategy-driven brand consultancy based in Minneapolis, MN.
We focus exclusively on brand development and helping service-based businesses build the foundation they need to market and scale their company confidently.



Establish a competitive position in the marketplace, develop meaningful messages, and get the guidelines to communicate the Brand consistently: Brand assessments Archetypal branding Business naming & taglines Positioning Competitive analysis Personality Vision + mission + values development Messaging Content strategy


Understand the influence your culture has on your reputation and your ability to remain relevant. As a CultureTalk Certified Partner, I offer a unique and proven method of measuring the culture of an organization. This work can be applied to brand positioning and other strategic initaitves like change management, recruiting & retention, and team dynamics.


Boost your credibility and improve communication with a polished brand identity, website, or other printed/digital marketing tool. We use psychology and strategy – not trends or personal preference – to make intentional design decisions. This process results in more meaningful outcomes with fewer revisions and a higher ROI.


Get strategic guidance without a full-time commitment. From improving culture and customer service to ensuring consistent and on-brand marketing, we can help you bridge the knowledge gap and keep projects (and people) on-track.

Each tiny effort builds on the next, so that brick by brick, magnificent things can be created.

Robin Sharma

Meet Kesha

Hello! My name is Kesha.

I am a strategist, designer, and entrepreneur.

I believe that with a strong foundation, you can build anything – including a successful business.


After sharpening my skills in corporate marketing positions for 16 years, I left the security of cubicle life to start a new chapter. In 2018, I launched Brickhouse to help business leaders harness the power of intentional and meaningful strategies to improve marketing outcomes, strengthen cultures, and accelerate growth. Today, I'm excited to share my experience and passion and to support others on their journey to "what's next."

“As a small business owner, it was important to my partner and I to work with a consultant that understood the challenges of positioning our company for major growth. I appreciated that she knew exactly how to develop a brand strategy that helped us tell our story in a way that would resonate with our ideal clients.” 

—  Cecilia Stanton Adams, CEO, Stanton Adams


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