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Build Your Brand to Scale

Smart strategies to reveal your brilliance, tell your story, and tackle marketing with confidence.

Is your brand working for you—or against you?

The best marketing on the planet can’t save a hastily built brand or a poorly positioned business.

Weak brands are easy to diagnose. Common symptoms include:

Throwing money at the problem

"We’ve spent so much time, energy, and money on marketing and we’re still not getting traction, visibility, or results.”

Competitor confusion

"There are so many others who do what we do—I feel like I’m constantly defining my company on someone else’s terms. How can we stand out?”

Failing to attract the right customers

"Our sales funnel and email list is full of people who aren’t a fit for what we do. It makes everything we do so much harder.”

Culture Disconnect

"How we’re perceived is different from how we actually operate as a team. It’s confusing for our customers and for our new recruits.”

Price wars and cost justification

"I’m tired of lowering our prices to get the sale or constantly trying to convince people we’re worth it. It’s embarrassing.”

Frustration & defeat

"I just feel...stuck. We do something really cool and helpful, but no one knows we’re here. They are missing out—and so are we.”

Teal Brick.jpg

A strong brand (almost) markets itself.

At Brickhouse, we help you identify and amplify what it looks, sounds, and feels like to work with you. When your brand can stand on its own, you won’t have to work so hard to be seen, heard, and found.

Brand Strategy


Even saturated markets have opportunities. With our strategic brand positioning, we’ll help you find them—and fill them.

Visual + Creative

We’ll go (way) beyond your logo and color palette to help establish a unique design aesthetic that works with your strategy and messaging—not against it.

Culture + Engagement

There are few things more powerful than an entire team pulling in the same direction. We align cultures and brands to ensure a consistent experience for team members and customers.

Brickhouse is a strategy-driven brand consultancy for service-based companies on the rise.

Founded by Kesha Lien in 2018, we primarily focus on brand and business strategies that work, grow, and evolve together. Our proactive approach integrates competitive brand positioning, personality, company culture, and design into a clear blueprint for success—and a confident eye on growth.

“Your marketing is what you say about yourself. Your brand is what others say about you.
Guess which one has a higher return on investment?”


Kesha Lien looking out over the Mississippi River

“As a small business owner, it was important to my partner and I to work with a consultant that understood the challenges of positioning our company for major growth. I appreciated that she knew exactly how to develop a brand strategy that helped us tell our story in a way that would resonate with our ideal clients.” 

—  Cecilia Stanton Adams, CEO, Stanton Adams

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Build brand-savvy

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