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who we are // our POV


YOU are what makes your brand different—not the product or service you’re selling. If you want to know how to scale up, you have to own what makes you stand out.”


Hi there!

I'm Kesha.


I help service-based business leaders and teams use intentional strategy to improve marketing outcomes, build motivated teams, and accelerate growth. 

Kesha Lien with a Pantone swatch book

I won’t lie. The brand strategy process is a little intense. We dig deep. We get real and honest and clear. 


When clients reach out to me, it’s not usually at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. Often it’s much later in the game after they’ve spent a lot of time and money on marketing tactics that never measured up. They come to me frustrated, defeated, and stuck, wondering where they went wrong—and if they should never have started in the first place.


It’s not a fun place to start—but it’s the best place to start over.


And the only way to get a lot of answers is by asking a lot of questions.

My ultimate goal is to help them harness and unleash their brilliance—the part of the business that’s working. With data to support it, my clients get what they’re after—the acknowledgment they are, in fact, onto something. They had the right idea but the wrong approach—their business was missing a critical element.

A purposeful, intentional, and meaningful brand.

After 20 years of professional B2B marketing, brand, and creative experience, I’ve learned that having a strong purpose gives you the grit to succeed and the traction it takes to grow. I’ve worked in corporate, agency, freelance, and over ten years in construction environments—I know a thing or two about solid foundations, proactive processes, and exceptional results. 


Great businesses don’t start with a great logo. They start with a great brand—and a great brand starts with you.

Let’s get started.

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About Brickhouse

We are a brand strategy consultancy primarily focused on helping leaders build purpose-driven companies that are intentional in their approach, defined in their market, and poised for some pretty bold growth. Since 2018 we’ve helped them harness their brilliance, stand out from a crowd, and grow with confidence. 


NOTE: Our name has nothing to do with the Commodores and everything to do with building a solid structure that keeps those tireless wolves at bay.

*Something you should know about me: I hate the word branding.

This is the only time you’ll see it. We’re creating reputations, images, and messaging—not identifying cattle.

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