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Brand positioning + messaging
Culture integration + alignment
Identity + design services



The impact of a great customer experience

Source: PWC



The impact of brand consistency

Source: Lucidpress



The impact of a signature brand color

Source: Oberlo

Strong brands are built by design—not by chance.

Your brand impacts and influences nearly every aspect of your business, quickly making it your greatest asset—or your biggest liability.

  • Does your culture recruit strong talent—or repel them?

  • Is your content consistent—or confusing?

  • Have you claimed your turf in your field—or are you getting stepped on?

  • Are you inspired by your marketing—or frustrated by it?

  • Are you ready to grow—or still waiting to start?

Full-Service Brand Support

Get hands-on, full-service support from Kesha Lien.

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Culture Integration + Engagement

Create a consistent team member and customer experience that keeps every brand promise.
  • Find out where your current company culture aligns with your brand—and where it sabotages it.

  • Identify ways your teams and your brand can work together for better results.

  • Develop a clear culture strategy for onboarding, developing, and celebrating talent contributors.

  • Create a culture code to protect and fortify your brand from the inside out.

Starts at $6,125

Brand Positioning + Strategy Development

Develop a comprehensive brand strategy that includes everything from strategic positioning to creative assets.
  • Determine your true position in the competitive landscape.

  • Discover your unique value proposition.

  • Craft a messaging framework that includes your vision and mission statements, branded taglines, and key selling points.

  • Establish consistency with a documented brand and style guide.

  • Tell a compelling story about who you are, what you do, and why it matters, your customers, your company, and your role within it. 

  • Define and align your core values across your business.

Starts at $4,000

Brand Identity + Creative Design

Bring your brand to life with visual and digital assets that ring true to your core.
  • Craft a logo that tells a story and stands the test of time.

  • Establish your “official” brand colors and fonts.

  • Turn your website into a meaningful representation of what you do, whom you serve, and how you help. 

  • Get ongoing design support to build a consistent library of assets.

Starts at $800

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