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Rebrand Checklist: 40 Marketing & Sales Assets You Shouldn't Overlook

So, you've recently updated your brand strategy. You've defined your unique Brand DNA and you have a framework for making on-brand decisions.

Now what?! Chances are, you also need to update a lot of your marketing collateral and documents, too. Thinking about the laundry list of to-dos might have you feeling reluctant to dig in. But with a solid strategy in place, you can prioritize your must-haves without the overwhelm.

Since consistency is one of the most vital success factors in creating a recognizable and credible brand, taking stock of your marketing tools to make sure they look, feel, and sound the same is a smart move.

This list highlights 40 most common Brand assets affected by a change in strategy.

  1. Business cards

  2. Website content

  3. Landing pages

  4. Lead magnets

  5. Boilerplate copy & sales scripts

  6. Photography

  7. Sales sheets

  8. Presentation templates

  9. Proposal templates

  10. Videos

  11. Advertisements

  12. Online business profiles

  13. Event management software

  14. Personal online profiles

  15. Virtual meeting avatars

  16. Canva templates

  17. Newsletters

  18. Email signatures

  19. Letterhead

  20. Envelopes

  21. PR templates

  22. Employee handbooks

  23. Onboarding packages

  24. Training materials

  25. Contracts

  26. Brochures

  27. Flyers

  28. Banners

  29. Tradeshow displays

  30. Media/press kit

  31. Email marketing software

  32. Direct mail

  33. Apparel

  34. Promotional items

  35. Vehicle wraps

  36. E-books

  37. Case studies

  38. Workbooks and course materials

  39. Signage

  40. Podcasts

Last but not least. Don't forget to provide your updated assets to your partners! They play an essential role in helping you reach your ideal audience and your goals.



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